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It takes a lot of time to make money online because of all the research it takes to pick something that will be successful. Courses can be the same, if you have to do all the research involved.

Starting a new course takes SO many hours of research.

Not only do you have to find the right keywords so people can find you, but you need to dive deep into your competition, what people are buying right now, and all of the details to make sure you have a course that will sell to the masses.

And that’s before you’ve even gotten to the course creation part.

There’s nothing worse than taking hours upon hours to research a topic, only to find out it’s not a money maker.


Here’s the good news: I’m going to make your life EVEN EASIER so you can start making money even faster!

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Now how about I save you hours of frustration so that you can get to the fun part - course creation - and start making money FAST

My team and I have put together the 21 for ‘21 Course Research Blueprint that you can download TODAY!

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HOURS and help you find goldmine keywords to make you stand out, information on the competition and what they’re doing, trends, and more!

Create one course on any subject you choose and watch your bank account

Think how good it will feel when you’re finally able to travel, take vacations and not have to worry about rushing back to work!

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Here’s a taste of what you’ll get in the 21 for ‘21 Course Research Blueprint:

  • 21 trending course topics, so that you’re confident you’re creating a course that people will buy now.
  • Learn more about your competition and what’s working for them.
  • Discover the specific keywords so that your audience can easily find you.
  • Deep dive into the research that you need to build out your course and start making money now.
  • And More...

“But what if I know nothing about a course topic? Why would anyone buy my course if I’m not an expert?”

Here’s the fantastic news.

You don’t need to be an expert.

We provide the information to help get you started with course ideas.

Anyone can do this, you don’t need a degree to teach or provide digital course material.

So you're probably wondering just how much this costs.

We are providing hours of research that will allow you to make anywhere from $5k to $50k per month. So I think it makes sense to charge $397 for this package - sounds reasonable.

Just doing one course topic would bring you the unlimited potential of earning $1k per month, which has the potential to quickly turn into $2k, then $5k per month, and more.

Even at $397, that’s well worth the investment.

That being said, I know you’re doing your best to save up and be smart with your money.

So when you get the course report, you’re not going to pay $397.

You’re not even going to pay half, $198.50.

For a limited time, the price of this 21 for ‘21 Course Report is just $27.

“This sounds great and all...but will it work for me?”

I am confident this will work for you.

The market is constantly changing, I want to give you a jump start to 2021 with these topics that are high in demand!

I want you to be happy and I want you to succeed...

You are welcome to put in hours upon hours of research looking for course topics that you have a hunch will work.

But the chances of you becoming successful without knowing the trends, SEO keywords, and your competitors is very slim.

This Research Blueprint will make you successful.

So the only question is, what are you waiting for?

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